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From classy string lights to dynamic wash lighting, we have everything you need to make a serious aesthetic impact at your next event.  
Vintage String Lights

These classy vintage string lights create a warm glow that provides a welcoming and calming atmosphere for your guests

Cafe String Lights

Cafe string lights are commonly used in weddings, events, patios and porches. Create a unique look to any space.

Starburst String Lights

Starburst lights are used in a wide variety of restaurants, markets and even around you own home. Be different and catch an eye.

Edison String Lights

Edison bulbs are used in larger spaces. Typically seen lighting tents and large outdoor areas, they are sure to draw a crowd for your next big event!

Pin Spotlights

A spotlight that produces a narrow beam of light illuminating a very small part of a table or stage, used especially to focus attention on a detail.

Cube Lit Accents

Each accent piece comes in various sizes 3", 6" and 8" and customize to any color of your choice by remote

Wall Wash Lights

RGB wash lights can be set to any color you can imagine! They also have the ability to slowly change colors, or be changed through sound-activation.

10-Inch Cube Lit Seat

Each seat, table or accent piece comes in various sizes and customized to any color theme of your choice 

GOBO Lights

Our GOBO lights come with a variety of patterns, or we can custom make a pattern to your specifications! These lights can show any color that fits your event.

12-Inch Cube Lit Seat

Each seat or table comes in various sizes and and can be customized to any color of your choice by remote

LED Curtains

Our LED curtains make a perfect backdrop for photos or a head-table. They also work great as an interesting visual element on the edges of your event space.

16-Inch Cube Lit Seat

Each seat or table comes in various sizes and customize to any color of your choice by remote

Small Spaces Packages
Let's keep it simple and choose a package from the list below.
These packages can be used in any space and come with installation and removal.
Small to medium spaces are consistent with the Bronze, Brass and Dance Party packages
Medium Spaces Packages
Medium to large are a great fit for the Silver, Platinum, Champagne, Fine Wine, Ultimate and the Gold packages.
Large Spaces Packages
White Gold, Champagne, Cocktail Hour and All Out packages work best for large to extra large spaces.
A La Carte Packages
Of course you may pick and choose! Please feel free to reach out with any questions at any time. We're here anytime!

-Cafe String Lights- Used for lighting areas above spaces
-Uplights- Used to light walls or for a DJ to use to intensify music with sound activation and changeable to any color
-Pin Spot Lights-Used to accent center pieces, tables and floral arrangements, etc.
-Monogram Lights (Gobo)-Used as a design that can be customized with a name and date or any design of your choice projected on floors and walls
-LED Curtain-Used as a back drop accent to showcase a specific area
-Cube Lit Accents (Seating, table or accent feature)-Used for small seating areas as tables and seats as well as great accent features set to any color
-Photo Booth-Used to showcase memories for years to come
-Back Drop (with or without swag)-Used as an elegant accent to any area especially head tables and accent walls
-Canopy or Chuppah-Used as an obvious no-brainer as an elegant feature to any ceremony
-Altar or Arch-Another simpler form of a canopy



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